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I am amazed how great NeoRelief works. I have used most other products on the market and I never experience results like I have with NeoRelief. I lift weights and workout four to five times a week, and I always have some shoulder pain. I started used NeoRelief twice a day for a few days, and the pain in my shoulder is gone. I am really amazed at how well and fast NeoRelief works. My wife and I now use it on our lower backs after shoveling snow; within an hour, both our backs felt fine. NeoRelief is really amazing. You have a great product that works great!

Scott DeCore
Bartlett, Illinois


When on my cruise, I used NeoRelief on my badly sunburned legs. In 1 day the pain was gone.  I highly recommend this product.  I am completely satisfied.

Carol Steffen
Rockford, Illinois


I developed a fairly severe tendonitis in my left elbow, such that I could not straighten my arm nor lift my hand to touch my face. On the day it became most severe, I applied NeoRelief around the entire elbow every 3 – 4 hours. By evening, the pain was decreased, but the elbow movement remained limited. On the second day, I continued to apply NeoRelief about every 4 hours. The pain steadily decreased throughout the day and by evening, I could use my arm and hand without limitations. I did still have slight aching. By the third day, I only applied NeoRelief twice. The pain was essentially gone, except for some aching when I tried to fully extend my arm, but I was able to function completely normally. By day 4, I had no pain at all, and therefore stopped applying NeoRelief. It was great! I did not take any NSAIDs, Tylenol, or aspirin. No side effects to contend with!

Pat DeVisser
Allendale, Michigan


Just last night I put NeoRelief on a bad rash on the top of both of my feet. Within an hour, the rash completely went away! I have used it on sore back muscles after being on my feet all day, and it took the pain away without any smell or inconvenience. We love this stuff!

DeWayne Sabisch
North Carolina


As a presenter of Visual Phonics, I was packing up with my partner following a seminar. I lifted a group of cardboard artifacts not knowing there was a 2 X 4 in the mix. The 2 X 4 fell out onto my toe making me see stars it hurt so bad. I had to drive home using my left foot and couldn’t go to work for two days because I couldn’t put my shoe on. I thought, “There goes my weekend in Chicago.” The NeoRelief was applied on Tuesday and by Friday I was walking all over Shedd Aquarium in Chicago! Thank you NeoRelief!

Maureen Bartz
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Bridget Zimmerman
Muskegon, Michigan


Kim and Bob Orr
Rockford, Michigan


Jack Poeller
Grand Rapids, Michigan


Joe Tekelley
Troy, Michigan


Pat DeVisser
Allendale, Michigan