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Can I use this product with other conventional topical remedies?

We do not recommend the use of this product with other remedies. In most cases, other liniments will conflict with or block the benefits of NeoRelief and cause it to perform less effectively.

What if I use this product in the way it is intended and do not get full relief?

Some relief is better than no relief. We have had a few people say that they did not think the product worked for them. Then when asked if there was any change in their level of pain, most reported going from a high level of pain to a lower level, but may still have some pain. Any reduction in pain is a positive response. If we don’t eliminate all of the pain but reduce it to an acceptable level then that is a step in the right direction. With repeated use, NeoRelief often becomes more effective.

Is it unsafe to use this product more than six times a day?

Our label recommends not to exceed more than six times per day because typically that should be sufficient to do the job. However, consult your physician if you have any concerns. NeoRelief is safe and effective, but some people may have more severe ailments that require more care than NeoRelief can provide. There may be underlying injuries or medical conditions that require the attention or diagnosis of a health care professional.

Does this product also work on headaches and migraines?

We have seen great results on both, although migraines are usually more complex. A little tip: to treat a headache, simply coat the forehead, temples, behind the ears and back of the neck for best results. NeoRelief, more often than not, works immediately with just one application. Sometimes it may take a minute or two to work, or may require a second application after 5 minutes.

What about scars, will NeoRelief help with those?

Although not designed specifically for scars, it will help to reduce potential scarring. It will also help reduce the itching and tenderness associated with the healing process.

Do I need to rub NeoRelief in like most other topical analgesic products to work?

No, it works better if you simply spread a small amount over the clean area of discomfort and do not rub in. Unlike so many products on the market, this product is non-greasy.

I didn’t feel any cooling or burning sensation when using this product; how do I know NeoRelief is working?

Don’t confuse this product with conventional topical analgesics, which are counter irritants designed to distract your attention from the pain to focus on a different sensation. NeoRelief  works by inhibiting pain receptors while stimulating a healing response in the body. Make sure to quantify your level of pain and then 15 minutes after the first application re-quantify your level of pain. If you still have some pain, then reapply until pain is gone or greatly reduced. Going from a pain level 8 down to a level 2, for example, is a huge improvement! You may still have some pain, but at least it’s manageable or tolerable. With NeoRelief, the more you use, the better it works! Whereas with conventional medicine, most often the more you use it, the more your body develops a tolerance for the medicine rendering it ineffective.

Does NeoRelief work on burns as well?

Absolutely. Gently apply the gel to the affected area, being careful not to rub in. Sit back and allow the natural ingredients to do their work. You may need to apply every 15 minutes for the first hour, depending on the severity of the burn. Then decrease to once an hour and then to every few hours, as needed. Make sure you apply on clean skin and not over another topical cream.

Will NeoRelief relieve the symptoms of rashes and itching, or does it only work on pain?

NeoRelief does work on rashes and itching. One of the powerful characteristics of NeoRelief is its multifunctional use.