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A Note from the Formulator

“Much of my young adult life was spent playing sports including track, football, swimming, and skiing. As a sophomore in high school, I dislocated my left knee. I spent the next year in rehab, only to dislocate it a second time. This forced me to deal with a series of radical knee operations – at last count five, over the next several years.

While I was suffering through my various recoveries, it paled in comparison to watching my father struggle with the excruciating pain of severe chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis. I found it especially difficult watching him deteriorate; each day his pain becoming increasingly worse, with traditional medicine providing very little relief.

After spending a good portion of my professional life as a therapist working in Cardio Pulmonary, I have seen a good deal of pain, much of it comparable to what my father must have been feeling. The difference was, of course, my father’s pain was personal rather than clinical. This was my dad.

It became my mission to alleviate pain and suffering.”
Dan Kaline

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