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NeoRelief and BioLyte Laboratories


BioLyte Laboratories is dedicated to studying, harnessing and developing nature’s healing powers. Our products are created with a balance of tradition, science and a respect for nature. They are developed to improve quality of life.

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Our Formulation, Consulting
& Manufacturing Services


BioLyte Laboratories is available to assist others who desire to create high quality alternative natural products and remedies.

Under the leadership of Mr. Kaline, BioLyte Laboratories provides product formulation, consulting, and manufacturing services.

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BioLyte Laboratories was created in 2012 by Daniel Kaline who has spent the last 25 years of his life researching and studying natural remedies. Mr. Kaline, like other prominent health experts, recognizes the limits and significant detrimental side-effects of conventional medicine. That’s why he devoted his life to developing life-changing natural products.

Our first product, NeoRelief, is a new, broad-spectrum pain relief product that will help people redefine the quality of their life, regardless of their pain. BioLyte Laboratories has approximately 25 other products currently in development. Research is underway on topical sprays and gels for sunburn relief and scar reduction;  along with hand sanitizer, skin moisturizer, bug repellent, and natural products for small children including a diaper rash formula and shampoo. Internally consumed items such as natural pain relievers and energy products are also part of our development portfolio.


Experience Revolutionary Pain Relief Today

Whether you are an active marathon runner, playing a few rounds of golf, or spending some time in your garden, you can be ready to relieve your pain and discomfort with NeoRelief.