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Empowering Nature to Enhance Life

Our Mission

At BioLyte Laboratories, we improve quality of life with nature-based products. We combine herbs, minerals and botanicals to create synergistic alternative medicines that help you overcome the stresses of modern living.

NeoRelief is the first of many natural products in our pipeline; the proprietary blend relieves pain fast and leaves skin silky smooth. The goal of all our natural products is to empower nature to enhance your health and wellness.

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Harnessing Nature's Healing Power

Featured Biolyte Product


Perfect Pain Relief

NeoRelief provides penetrating pain relief without chemicals. The maximum strength, clear gel is fast acting and completely odor free. Its unique, non-greasy, natural formulation absorbs into the skin in seconds.

NeoRelief increases blood flow and promotes cell regeneration to reduce bruising and speed healing time – it inhibits pain sensitive neurons for fast, long-acting pain relief.

NeoRelief is listed with the FDA and is patent-pending. NeoRelief is a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) containing a blend of 22 natural ingredients; 19 botanicals and 3 minerals. One bottle delivers 100 doses, costing only pennies per treatment.